Art enhances our understanding of the world and can bring us joy in every aspect of our lives.

Art for Learning LLC., teaches art appreciation and art history to children, adults and seniors through lecture series, summer programs and tours.  Our goal is to make art, and the appreciation of art, accessible to everyone. Whether your goal is for you or your child to master the use of watercolors or to understand the significance of contemporary artwork or to spend a day in a museum and learn more about your favorite form of art expression, we have a program that suits your needs.

Sheryl Intrator Urman, a Hirshorn Lecturer, artist and teacher began teaching in 1998 and founded Art for Learning LLC., in 2004,  to fill the needs of two groups: 1) children, whose schools and summer camps were not providing intelligent and meaningful art education; and 2) adults who understand the importance and power of art, but did not have the time to commit to a semester at college.

Ms. Urman has created and established a weekly summer Arts program for children, ages 5 to 16. The weekly programs have been designed to focus on particular art/historical subjects. The summer programs have grown to include 25 programs with over 220 children each summer.

Ms. Urman also has created Art related enrichment programs to match the curriculum of lower schools, middle schools and high schools.

In addition, she has developed art appreciation lecture and tour series for adults and seniors in coordination with senior centers and community centers.  Ms. Urman has created over 50 Art Lectures that she brings to different institutions. She also leads private Art Tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Historical Society, The Neue Gallery, The Jewish Museum, Montclair Museum and more.

She also offers her programs for adults  which she calls Simcha Concierge. It is designed to provide a day of educated touring for you or your out of town guests. She is hopeful that everyone will have a wonderful occasion to use it!

Her teaching staff is comprised of teachers and artists who are as enthusiastic about art and teaching as she is.  She has trained each teacher to use her techniques to foster creativity and confidence for the students.

She is proud to say that Borghi Fine Arts in Englewood has been showing and selling her art work for several years (click here to view). Sheryl has an Art Exhibition which is shown at the New York Port Authority (click here to view) from October 2010 through March 2011. She is increasing her exhibiting work and is seriously pursuing her career as an artist. Sheryl uses her maiden name of Intrator for her art work. Sheryl is a member of Salute to Women in the Arts, Women's Caucus for Art, NY Artist Circle, and The Jewish Art Salon.

She is the Art Chair for the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey Partnership2Gether Program;
(click here to view 2014 exhibit)
(click here to view 2015 exhibit)

Her works include various mediums including paint, lithographs, mosaics and glass. Visit her new website to learn more about her as an artist at

Each program approaches art, history and social issues in new and insightful ways. Each is a rewarding and memorable experience.