Art for Learning, LLC is offering two types of programs. One related to Art and another related to Non Art subjects, purely for touring and enjoyment. Your guests are our very important clients.

We will treat your guests like they are our family. We will provide a comfortable atmosphere for children, teens, adults, seniors, the novice as well as the learned and well traveled guest. We  will encourage your guests to feel free to share their knowledge as we spend our day together.

Every ART RELATED PROGRAM is introduced through a slide show lecture and presentation.  We like to introduce your guests to the Art Subject you choose in a very interactive manner.  We ask questions and welcome comments about the art. It is our extreme goal to find the comfort level of your guests.

History and Sociology are used to bring Art to life. Doubling the ART Programs with these subjects and the experience and knowledge people already have, can be an amazing way to gain a new perspective and insight about ART. Ms. Urman will act as Docent for most visits to the museums. Most of the Art tours will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Other Museums which may be visited according to the subject are the Guggenheim Museum, New York Historical Society, The Cloisters, Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Museum of Arts and Design  and other various museums which may have special exhibitions.

For the NON ART programs, Ms. Urman will always try to arrange for the respective educational departments to customize the trips for your guests. Due to popular demand, we are now offering programs highlighted in our Event Calendar. Maybe you can find something already planned. Just remember we are always ready to customize to your desire.

TRANSPORTATION can be provided, if requested.

Private Tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ask about several options combining: lunch or art projects

1. Colonial Art, Early American art through 1860’s
2. American Stories: Paintings of Everyday Life, 1765–1915
3. Art of China and Japan
4. Art of Ancient Egypt
5. Art of Ancient Greece and Rome
6. Art Tour based on Percy Jackson book, for kids
7. Art Tour based on Mixed Up Files book, for kids
8. Art of Ancient Near East
9. French Impressionist Art
10. Degas and his Ballerina's, Impressionists and their Women
11. American Impressionist Art
13. Modern Art
14. Mosaic and Glass Art
15. World of Art - 7 Continents
16. Eugene Delacroix, French Artist, connected to the Metropolitan Museum of Art- 2018

1. Walking tour of South Street Seaport
2. NBC Tour, Top of the Rock and Museum of TV and Radio
3. Madame Toussaud Wax Museum and The Beast Motor Boat Ride
4. Circle Line Tour of New York and Tour of USS Intrepid
5. Jewish Museum of Heritage and Battery Park
6. Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and Fort Clinton
7. New York Public Library on 42nd Street, New York Sky Ride and Empire State Building
8. Fire Zone and stage tour of Radio City Music Hall
9. Mount Vernon Hotel Tour and Tram Ride & visit Roosevelt Island
10. Central Park tour and Zoo
11. Federal Reserve and Museum of New York City Police and the Shark Speed Boat Ride
12. Immigrant, Lower East Side, Tenement Museum, Eldridge Street Synagogue, Gus's Pickles, Kossars Bialeys
13. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
14. Museum of Natural History, Dinosaur
15. Museum of Natural History, Fish
16. Statue of Liberty from concept to present