Art Lessons For Kids, Teens, Adults and Seniors

For Children: Nursery school through 5th grade
Drawing, Painting and Charcoals will be taught, as well as color and composition. 
Lessons are introduced by a story about a subject,
and then children are instructed to copy a project chosen by Sheryl. 
She will demonstrate line drawings on an easel and give verbal directions. 
The children are provided with a pencil without an eraser, and the teacher
will only use an eraser to help guide the child on the project.

For Teens, Adults and Seniors
Want to learn to draw and paint? Well there is no better time than the present.
Learn pencil, charcoal, water color, acrylics, ink.
Learn about composition, color and technique.
We can bring lessons to many levels, depending on your interests,
we can even paint outdoors.

       I will travel to your home and bring all supplies for private, semi private or group lessons.   I am available in the day time, great for seniors and adults who want to be creative.

Cost should be divided by the amount of students participating.
Private, semi private ( up to 4 people) and group lessons up to 10
Kids, Teens, Adults and Seniors

Private Lessons:                      $100.00 per 1 hour lesson  
Semi Private Lessons:             $130.00 per 1 hour lesson  
Group Lessons:                        $150.00 per 1 hour lesson  

In order to arrange for dates and times please call: 201 503 9796